Urban Teal Reno


The clients for this project are a young couple, one of them being an architect himself. However, as he’s never actually worked within the field and is a very busy person, he preferred hiring our services and expertise to guide him through the renovation of his house. The creative process for this project was very participative, with the clients contributing a lot with their ideas and thoughts, resulting in a very rich and remarkable outcome.  

The original building was dated from the 70’s and was also where the client grew up and spent most all of his life. A few years ago he bought the house from his parents and decided to live upstairs turning the ground floor into a commercial tenancy.  

The exteriors were supposed to follow a more industrial feel, not trying to hide the nature and original characteristics of the building, but celebrating the authentic relationship between the old and the new instead. With craftsmanship details bringing a designers’ touch to the facade, a successful intervention happens, creating harmony between a 70’s brickwork building and contemporary elements.

The interiors should have some of the exterior’s industrial touch, but also be a cozy, authentic and beautiful space. With a touch of mid-century furniture pieces, the well-thought joinery is all made out of lime-washed plywood and also serves as a show case to the couples’ collections, including CDs, turn tables, books and antiques.

The teal colour is a strong element in the design, bringing personality to the home. Composition of lime-washed ply, dark teal, bronze water fixtures, white, and the existing timber flooring delivered a unique and pleasant colour palette to this project.