LOCATION Minnie Waters, NSW

We were very excited when we received a phone call to design an oceanfront house in Minnie Waters as it is one of our favourite holiday destinations! The main brief was to convert the basic 30 year old brick house into a contemporary beach style house that makes the maximum use of the views, breezes and sun. The existing house was very cold and dark with an enclosed verandah and views to the south so we had to make sure we could make the best use of the spaces, open the house to the northern sun and make the connection with the outdoors.

As the main level is the first floor, we opted to make a dedicated entry hall that one could walk straight up the the stairs without having to go through the rumpus room located on the ground floor. As Minnie Waters is a famous destination to do whale watching, the clients have selected a beautiful whale wall paper for this space which is very impressive! This stairwell has a tall and thin window where one could appreciate the views while transitioning between the two levels.

The first floor living spaces were very segregated and one couldn't experience the views from the main living room. We have opened and connected the spaces using a steel beam to support the existing tiled roof and created a connection between the southern end - the views- with the northern end of the house - the sun. The kitchen was positioned on this north-south axis as the heart of the house, connecting all the spaces. We opted for large fixed glass windows for uninterrupted views and aluminium glass louvres below for privacy from the street. Glass louvres windows were strategically located for cross flow ventilation. We have created a large deck to the north which faces the garden and it is protected from the harsh southerlies and also a small balcony to the south for the calm days to admire the beautiful ocean views under the sun. 

On the ground floor, we have moved the external wall closer to the edge of the first floor to allow more natural light into the bedrooms and added large windows to open them up to the ocean views. The rumpus room was opened to the garden at the back as well as to the northern sun. We have used some hardwood timber battens to the elevation to help with privacy from the street.  

The materials palette was chosen to match the beach style: a combination of hardwood cladding, posts and soffit lining, existing bricks and white walls.

 The owners were very pleased with this design and provided a wonderful testimonial which you can see on this link  http://www.goldcoastbuildingdesigners.com.au/profile/testimonials