Interior Design

More than only an Interior Design service, we can offer you a project designed by an architectural professional, with a deeper understanding of space and advanced vision of your needs and concept. Our interior architecture experience allows us to logically assess the potential of your space and open your mind to a new vision, as well as providing tips on how to achieve well-designed, user-friendly spaces, eliminating the risk of costly changes during construction.

Depending on your needs, budget and project we can suggest what services or package will suit you better. Interior Design projects can be used in many different situations, does not matter if it is only a room, a shop, a kitchen, an office, or a whole house, you can always benefit from having an experienced professional assisting you. This way you can optimise your resources, making the best of your budget, and reaching the full potential of your space.

An Interior Design project usually goes through a 5 Steps process, as explained bellow:

Step 1


The Brief will provide the foundation and guidelines during all the design process, becoming a vital factor in ensuring that the project is successful. Aspects like objectives, style, taste, needs, budget, habits, target market, and deadlines are contemplated here. This stage involves a client’s questionnaire and interview, assisting you to start thinking about all aspects and details of your project, avoiding future mistakes and unnecessary expenses.

Step 2


The Moodboard is the evolution of the style, taste, target market, and ideas discussed on the Brief stage. It establishes the conceptual base of the project, such as the colour palette, allusions, atmosphere, and main qualities. This stage will define the references that will inspire and guide the design process, providing personality and soul to the project.

Step 3


The Concept Design (CD) is the materialization of your Brief and Moodboard into a proper design. Guided by your Brief and inspired by your Moodboard, the CD presents schematic scaled drawings (floor plan, furniture layout, elevations, etc.), and 3D renderings to illustrate the proposal. There is room for discussion about likes and dislikes at this point and we tailor the design to your needs and the refined brief will give direction to proceed to the next level of the process. This will also be the time to discuss in depth aspects of the project, and iron out specific details.

Step 4


The approved concept gets a full make over with firmed finishes and appropriate detailing. At this stage the full documentation process takes place. This includes all technical drawings for construction (floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, elevations, sections, details, etc.). This documentation will comply with all building codes and requirements and can be used for submissions to relevant authorities for approval (building certifier) and to other service providers as base information (hydraulic engineers, mechanical/ electrical engineers).

Step 5


Ask us about the manufacture, on site installation and trade management arm of our business. We can provide full quotation of fit out costs based on the documentation stage . Procuring, ordering, tracking of materials, furniture and finishes are some of the services included here, and they can vary depending on your project.

The Steps 1 to 4 are normally included in our packages, unless the client asks for a different agreement, less detailed or only conceptual, for example. Step 5 is usually not included in the packages, but can be added under a fixed price or an hourly rate, to be decided depending on each situation.

As part of our ongoing commitment we are available to assist through the building process of a project, and can perform final design check of built premises if required.