Wether you decide to renovate a bathroom, giving a make up to a room or getting a new kitchen, we can help you with that. Depending on what you need we can put a package together and assist you to get the best of your space and budget.

1.1 Kitchen | Bathroom Design

These are usually very busy rooms in the house, so need a lot of thought about the form and the function. Whether it's refitting a new kitchen or renovation an old bathroom, we can deliver results on budget, based on creative and exclusive solutions.

1.2 Single Room

If you have decided to give more attention to the most used or special spaces of a house, does not matter if it is a renovation or a new build, we can help creating a personalized design based on your needs and thoughts..

1.3 Colour Consultation

Whether it's a new property or a renovation, we can guide you into discovering your own personal style that can increase value. Colour can be considered one of the most important ingredients in the interior and exterior decorating process, having significant impact on mood and well-being. In addition to personal preference, your colour scheme choice is impacted by the proportions of a space and the throw of light in a room and consideration needs to be given to intensity and tone of the final selection. We can develop a personal colour palette for you that creates flow and unity that begins with the exterior and continues throughout.

1.4 Lighting Design

Be it residential or commercial, lighting is crucial to the look and feel of any space. I always say that light is the ‘soul’ of a project, and there a big difference between ‘turn on’ the light and illuminate. However beautiful your décor, however fabulous your furniture, without the right lighting, it can all look dull and cold. In commercial projects this aspect can be even more important, communicating with your target market and working with your client’s emotional response. The right Lighting Design will be functional where it is needed, but also work artistically and creatively with intensity, colour, distribution and movement of the light.