Our fees depend on the expected complexity of the project and how much time we expect your design and documentation to take. This depends on the slope of the land, expected budget, the complexity of the project, the shape of the land, renovation, extension or new etc. Our fee usually falls between 4 to 8 % of the expected building cost. We are very good value for the excellent service and design experience that we provide.

Our fee is usually divided into four stages and payment is made at the end of each stage. A deposit is required at the beginning which is deducted from the last payment. If at any stage you need to stop the process, you are not committed to proceed

Professional consultants

In addition to our design services you may need other professional consultants for your project. We liaise with all consultants and we can organise a few quotes for you to choose from. We have established strong relationships with various good quality consultants and you are free to decide which to choose from. Below is a list of consultants you might need and an indication of approximate fees (includes GST).


  • Site Surveyor (depends on the size of the block): $880/ $1650 Acreage)
  • Soil Tests: $550
  • Structural Engineers (depends on size and complexity): $1,650 - $11,000
  • Building Certifiers*: $3,300 (Includes Driveway Application, Flood and Sewerage Search - house only).
  • QLeave Application (paid when submitting plans for building approval) % of construction cost.
  • Energy Assessors: $220 - $550

If required:

  • Bushfire Consultants (if required) $ 350- $550
  • Waste Water Consultants (if required) - $880
  • Mechanical Engineer ($2,000 - $3,000)
  • Hydraulics Engineer ($1,500 - $3,000)
  • Landscape Designer (optional) - $2,200 - $6,600

*Gold Coast City Council. Other councils may differ.