Eco Studio Apartments


The client had a strong and well defined concept in mind that should be the foundation of the whole designing process for this project: a ‘mantra’ made by three words: DURABLE, AFFORDABLE and SUSTAINABLE. Based at the Currumbin Valley Eco Village, these Home Studios should also have an industrial atmosphere without feeling too cold or impersonal. To achieve this feeling a colour palette with charcoal, black, white, concrete and blackbutt timber was selected. These colours and materials were used in a way to create a neutral natural base for the future buyer, and despite of the industrial look, the blackbutt timber flooring and joinery brings warmth to the spaces.  

Specifying sustainable products with low VOCs, fair trade, low embodied energy, some recycled materials, and locally sourced, was a priority. The idea of showing the care and attention given to these details to the potential buyers was a driver during the suppliers’ selection process.  

The client was extremely happy with the results and all units were already spoken for prior to commencement of the building works.