AWARD 2012 Abode National Finalist: Best residential construction
2012 Abode National Runner: Best construction on a difficult site
LOCATION Currumbin, Gold Coast, Qld

This house is located in a very steep site and was designed to touch the earth lightly. It consists of three large decks and a pool and it was designed to capture summer ocean breezes and the expansive ocean views. Open plan living and large glass panels windows encaptures the views to Surfers and to the bush. The pool was located on entry level and it is a feature when one comes through the front door as well as the suspended Vic Ash stair with central rail support. Layered roofs were used to reflect the sloping nature of the site and to make the building less dominant to the street front. External material selections were made so there is zero to no maintenance required for this house. This house would site nicely In Brisbane or as Hinterland house design.