Container Library

LOCATION Lower Beechmont, QLD

 This cute little library was designed for the lovely Lower Beechmont community. After a few meetings with the community to understand their needs and wishes, we proposed a layout that could house multiple possibilities of use.

 The materials selection was made based on the existing surrounding landscape. The idea was to make the building blend with the gardens around. The corten steel shown on the 3Ds is actually a laser cut perforated screen with leaf shapes (see hand sketch image). This perforated element adds lightness and personality to the building from both inside and outside. They also allow the natural air flow and interesting shadow effects.

The building is composed by two 40 foot containers, combined in a way to provide some privacy ‘bubbles’ to the library users. When the mobile island bench is moved to the side, the library can turn into a Yoga studio, a room for meetings, or even an arts’ class space. Outside there is space for BBQs and meetings at the timber deck.